Nail Services

Getting your nails done with the perfect ambience is heavenly, House of Allure Beauty and Spa is the best nails salon in Abu Dhabi place to attain that satisfaction. We offer the bespoken nail brands with various options for you to choose from. All of our nail services are completed with a relaxing massage before the application of nail polish


  • 60 MINUTES
  • PRICE AED 315

Paraffin Hands and Feet Treatments

Creates a barrier on your skin that helps retain the oils that your body naturally produces. Paraffin wax can be effective in soothing and softening calluses on hands and feet and healing dry cracked skin, especially on heals.


  • 60 MINUTES
  • PRICE AED 252

Anti Aging Hands and Feet Treatment

Fine lines and wrinkles not only appears on your face or neck, it takes a toll on your hands and feet too. This treatments helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and makes your hands and feet brighter and softer. Our completely natural ingredients are rich in antioxidants which gently exfoliates and rejuvenates the skin.

  • 60 MINUTES
  • PRICE AED 346

Signature Hands and feet Treatment

This 60 minute pinnacle of pampering will soothe away tension and transform your hands and feet to perfection. The treatment includes a manicure pedicure followed by a massage.  Concentrated in ingredients of prickly pears, shea butter, sweet almond and aloe vera, it nourishes intensely to restore their suppleness and softness. The aromatic complex relaxes tired hand and feet and brings a feeling of freshness. All this while the feet are exfoliated and bathed, which reduces muscle tension, improves circulation, moisturizes, energizes and visibly transforms and illuminates the skin of the feet.



  • AED 315

La Luminosité Hands and Feet Treatment

Gold has served as a source of inspiration for the most luxurious and exquisite beauty treatments, with the sole aim of elevating women’s beauty to the sublime.

Thanks to a powerful and sophisticated technology which helps in skin  rebirth full of brightness and hydrated glow and also acts directly on the signs of ageing, your skin will recover its youthful glow, firmness and density lost over time. Visibly perfected.

  • AED 40

Vitamin Hands and Feet Treatment

A Complete Treatment with rich blend of copaiba oil and vitamin E and usually done with manicure and pedicure  its SINGLE USE hand gloves and feet socks makes it’s a safe  product that combines hygiene, beauty and health, preventing fungal and bacterial contamination. This exclusive treatment mask allows for easy removal of cuticles in addition to deeply moisturizing the skin and strengthening nails.


  • 60 MINUTES
  • AED 189

Callus Treatment

It is a revitalizing foot treatment for people whose feet need that little bit of extra care. It removes hard, callused skin and adds moisture to make your feet softer and smoother.


Nail Enhancements

Enhance the look of your nails by our reputed nail extensions which adds glamour to the looks and get amazed by our nail arts performed by our talented nail artists. Bring any art of your choice or make a choice with our in house designs, we will make the best of it and impress you with the end look.

For Manicure , Pedicure and Nail Enhancements