Hydropeptide Facial Treatment:

Combines science and nature to achieve age-defying results in our Facial treatment Hydro peptide facial products have revolutionized skin care through the power of peptides as messenger molecules that work on a cellular level to increase hydration of your skin that would further reduce the visibility of wrinkles and enhance skin’s natural luminosity. Powerful peptides have the capability of instantly restoring your skins health.

  • 90 MINUTES
  • AED 400

Deep Cleansing

Unclog your pores and speed up your skin renewal, to reveal deeply clean, clear and glowing skin. A combination of salicylic acid and bacteria fighting peptides improve skin smoothness and balance oil production whilst natural enzymes extract impurities.

  • 60 MINUTES
  • AED 450

Illuminating Anti-Wrinkle Facial

This relaxing, “no downtime” treatment infuses skin with the restorative and uplifting benefits of peptides, growth factor activators, and proteins. This treatment incorporates Vitamin C infused microdermabrasion crystals and a plumping activator to reveal fresh and glowing skin

  • 60 MINUTES
  • AED 450

Brightening Facial Treatment

Gently exfoliate, protect, brighten and even out skin tone with apple stem cells, fruit enzymes, and a variety of antioxidants. Peptides and growth factor activators will increase elasticity and firmness of the skin, while delivering proper nourishment.

  • AED 400

Back Facial

A back facial treatment is exactly what it sounds like–a deep cleansing facial that is specifically designed to nourish and repair the skin on your back. Baring a bumpy back can be stressful and back facials can help your skin to glow all over. The treatment cleans up any outbreaks you’ve currently got going, and nabs the developing pimples you wouldn’t know were under the surface. It is offered with a back rub enough to lull you into a peaceful half-sleep for the session, which lasts about an hour. back facials can be just as relaxing and enjoyable as regular facials and are an excellent way to cleanse, exfoliate dead skin, and deeply moisturize this hard-to-reach area.


  • AED 250

Fanny Facial

The treatment is “designed specially to get your behind bathing-suit ready! We custom tailor this treatment depending on your personal concerns cleansing, detoxifying, exfoliation, extraction and hydration. One of the primary reasons that individuals choose to receive buttocks facials is because they suffer from acne on their and cannot effectively treat it on their own due to accessibility issues. Each fanny facial provides different levels of exfoliation depending on what your skin needs. Exfoliation plays a key part in helping skin stay healthy and achieve a soft feel. Right after the session , you can experience the healthy glow with feather touch feel


  • AED 100

Underarms Facial

The underarm area is extremely delicate, and unlike our face, hands and neck, it’s often ignored in our skincare regimen. This facial can help shorten and ease the transition to a natural deodorant by ridding the body of toxins and balancing the good bacteria. This facial also can help brighten, soften and smooth the underarm skin, getting rid of blackheads and ingrown hairs you might be experiencing.

Hydracool Facial:

Hydracool is the newest multifunctional device for perfect face and hair protocols using the Power of Water. Water jet & spray is an advanced technique applied to ensure that the infusion of water and O2 (oxygen) at high speed which penetrates deep into the skin layers, regenerates and revitalizes skin’s natural elasticity. Rapid improvement is observed even after a single treatment.

  • 90 MINUTES
  • AED 550

Anti-Aging Facial

The optimal solution for the signs of skin aging, such as expression lines, crow’s feet, dull complexion, lack of elasticity, tone and moisture. Our carefully selected pure ingredients will help redensify and regenerate the skin at its depth, while providing volume, protection and tone.

  • 90 MINUTES
  • AED 550

Rejuvenating & Lightening Hyperpigmentation Facial

A tastefully crafted treatment using a cocktail rich in active nutrients and revitalizing agents, for an instant radiance, rejuvenation and brightening effect. Powerful antioxidants will protect the skin from photo-damage, helping to control, lift and brighten brown spots, hyperpigmentation and melasma.

  • 90 MINUTES
  • AED 550

Acne, Scars & Open Pores Mix

The solution for open pores and post-acne damage so visible to the naked eye! This treatment helps to heal and renew the skin, prevent acne breakouts and regulate the sebum production, minimizing pore size. Our pure Vitamin A is the skin expert, the key anti-oxidant that will help produce new and healthy cells in the skin, leaving you with a smooth texture and a clear complexion.

  • 60 MINUTES
  • AED 400

Gold Facial

In this special facial of ours, gold are infused in skin deeply using collagen serums which in turn alters the cell rapidly and give instant results. It slows down the collagen depletion, increases skin’s elasticity, lightens the skin’s complexion, stimulates the cells by making the skin firm, improves blood circulation and prevents premature aging and wrinkles. Gold facials also apparently improve lymphatic drainage (a network of veins in the body that removes toxins) and regenerate skin cells. The face will appear sensationally smooth with a gloriously glided glow to match.

  • 90 MINUTES
  • AED 450

Classic Hygienic Facial Treatment

It is a high frequency treatment that helps prevent your skin from experiencing acne breakouts, dehydration and other skin concerns. This facial removes dead skin cells from the surface, stimulates circulation beneath the pores, and fights the free radicals that age skin prematurely. The facial plays a big role in revitalizing, detoxifying, deep hydration and natural glow. It removes impurities from your skin and promotes circulation and a deep extraction ensures even the most stubborn black heads are removed. The skin becomes pure, softer and firm.

  • 90 MINUTES
  • AED 500

Holistic Facial

Holistic Facial combining a fusion of eastern traditional ingredients such as ginseng, rice bran, bamboo  as well western advanced ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, peptides & AHA’S are used to provide the skin with the following benefits: Deep hydration, increased skin firmness & elasticity, calming to the skin, improves the radiance of the skin.

This facial aims to TREAT existing skin concerns, PREVENTS further damage to skin & helps to combat signs of ageing as well as it provides a deep state of relaxation to the mind, body & spirit.

  • 20+ Minutes
  • AED 150

LED Bio Light Facial

LED Light Therapy represents a significant technological breakthrough, using state-of-the-art Super Luminescent LED Hybrid Diodes. It has been a FDA-cleared skin care treatment , which can help us resolve complicated skin problems such as acne, acne scars, pigmentation, dull skin,
sensitive skin and more.
The therapy uses 7 types of excellent and strong high-brightness special near-infrared SMD LED light with various wavelength ranging from 423nm to 640nm. LED Light Therapy contains no UV rays and the light emitted is proven to be beneficial in cellular activity and repair, dramatically revitalizing skin without any downtime or discomfort. LED Light Therapy is typically recommended two-three times a week for a 4- to 6-week period.

  • 40 Minutes
  • AED 230

Bio Sculpt Facial

This Facial uses strong high-brightness special near-infrared SMD LED light with various wavelength ranging from 423nm to 640nm. It benefits the skin in cellular activity and repair, dramatically revitalizing skin. With microcurrent Technology , it can help to lift and tighten the muscles in the area and stimulate collagen and elastin , helping your skin look smoother. The Structure of the face is toned up in just one session.

  • 90 MINUTES
  • AED 550

Swiss Line Facial

One of our most luxurious facial, Bringing together innovative scientific ingredients with sensuous textures, this facial treatments allow a tailored approach to answer individual skin needs and lifestyles, with the use of Swiss expertise in well-aging. It contains Low molecular Gold, Diamonds and their Own patented Formulas.

This facial stimulate the skin to self recover with its unique formula which keep the skin youthful.

You get a LED Light Therapy that is exclusively included in this facial that treats any Skin concern which is FDA approved and free from UV.

  • 30 Minutes
  • AED 105


Vajacials target and treat common skin concerns found in the pubic region. This treatment works to eliminate ingrown hairs (otherwise known as bikini bumps), remove dead skin cells, prevent acne flare-ups, reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scarring, diffuse hyperpigmentation, and even out the skin tone. Overall, a vajacial will significantly improve skin health in the vaginal area. It can be performed immediately following a wax.

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